First located on 5th Avenue and then on Madison Avenue in New York, the Janos Gat Gallery has widely contributed to the discovery of major European artists in the United States. It has for instance presented works by artists like Hans Richter, the cofounder of the Dada movement; the abstract expressionists Knox Martin and Julien Beck; the No! artists Boris Lurie, Sam Goodman and Herb Brown; the artist Fluxus Wolf Vostell; the photographers Theodore Brauner, Emil Cadoo, Jerry Schatzberg and Frank Horyat and last but not least the major Hungarian artists such as Lászlo Mednyánszky, Lajos Gulácsy, István Farkas, Ilka Gedo, György Román, István Dombrowszky, and Tibor Hajas.

The gallery is also at the birth of Nina Mushinksy and Andrea Ursuta’s first exhibitions. It has also been chosen by artists such as Ra’anan Levy or Romany Eveleigh to present their artworks in the New York art scene.


Proud to be showcase major artists like Judit Reigl, the Janos Gat gallery, since 2007 located on 195 Bowery, New York, has become a pioneer art gallery in a neighbourhood in full effervesce.