Pauline Pavec is a young art history graduate from l’Ecole du Louvre. After writing a dissertation on the art critic Anne Tronche which was not left un-noticed, Pauline continued studying about the French contemporary art scene. Rapidly after, she multiplied her professional experiences as an independent curator, art consultant for private collectors but also as a freelance senior editor for the Journal de Paris and as a head of projects for Private Choice during the FIAC. 


Pauline frequently writes for artists, gallerists or exhibitions and has defended the emerging art scene for the organisation called Diamètre since 2013. 


Her gallery is defined as a space for research and as a base to place at the forefront as many emerging artists as historical artists that are worthy of being rediscovered or presented under a new light. The Pauline Pavec gallery works with a retrained chic of artists in order to create tight relationships with them and to allow her flexibility on the art world of tomorrow.