January 20 2018




JANUARY 20 2018


Created by three passionates of contemporary art, PRISME is a stepping-stone for young gallerists and curators. Founded in 2017, PRISME aims to be an active support for actors in the art worlds by providing them a physical space, integrated mentoring for internal activities at the gallery as well as a shared network. In that respect, PRISME hopes to create an ecosystem that generates a transformation within current gallery models towards stronger shared resources. 


PRISME aims to give wings to a maximum of young gallerists and to help already established actors. It proposes a variety of programs ranging from a simple rental of the space for exhibitions to more complex modules. 


The team at PRISME comprises of three members: Thomas BENHAMOU, Louis-Marie GIUDICENTI and Pierre Lorquin. All three members, with distinct qualifications but all driven by the same desire to put at the forefront artists that make the art of today and that will shape our vision of tomorrow.


“Gallerists are seeking a breath of fresh air due to their somewhat remoteness within the global art world, heavy fixed costs and a general change in the practices of the consumption of art objects.” Thomas Benhamou, founding member of PRISME." 

“At PRISME, we try to unload our exhibitors with time-consuming tasks such as the logistics of a physical space, communication, management or legal aspects so that they can concentrate on the heart of the profession: driving creation.” Pierre Lorquin, founding member of PRISME."

“The future of galleries is in favouring the momentum of an exhibition by making shorter exhibitions by creating spaces like PRISME where the traditional relationship to the public and the gallery space is more dynamic and diverse.” Louis-Marie, founding member of PRISME."

Next exhibition scheduled for February 8 2018. Pauline Pavec will be the first gallery invited by PRISME at 39 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris.