Founded in Paris in 2015, the T&L gallery has decided to focus on two periods of the art of our time: post-war art, particularly the 1950s and the 1970s, and contemporary creation, particularly with young emerging artists. The two founders, Tancrède Hertzog and Léopold Legros, both art historians then aged 24 and 25, decided to the model of a travelling gallery, offering exhibitions in venues that are renewed each time, in Paris and abroad.

 The gallery seeks to bridge the gap between the modern art of the second post-war period - participating in the movement to reappraise European art of that time - and contemporary creation carried by young, ambitious artists. The gallery intends to discover or rediscover the work of European artists unjustly forgotten after their death through the organisation of retrospectives and participation in international fairs. In contemporary art, without setting stylistic barriers, it seeks to promote artists who have made the technical mastery of their art a point of honour, allowing them to develop an original and personal formal discourse, from sculpture to drawing and painting.

 The gallery has adopted the nomadic format, a guarantee of dynamism and renewal, breaking with the classic and monotonous form of an exhibition in a single gallery. This mode of operation allows the gallery to benefit from all the resources Paris has to offer, by occupying exhibition after exhibition, places scattered throughout the city but also unusual sites, such as the Donjon de Vez. This mode of operation makes it possible to best adapt the venue to each artist and to the theme of each exhibition. The gallery is also present in modern and contemporary art fairs in France and abroad.

 Convinced that the gallery owner's work is also that of studying, interpreting and continuing to enrich the meaning of an artist's work, T&L gallery wishes to give an important place to writing, with the publication of catalogues and texts on exhibitions and works, using expert writers and critics giving their own interpretation.