Founded in 2017 by Pierre Lorquin, PRISME in a non-traditional art gallery, located on 39 rue de Grenelle in the 7th district in Paris. 

By inviting every month a different gallery to exhibit within its walls, PRISME defends a vision which is characterised not by the artists it represents, but by the galleries it invites. Subsequently, PRISME seeks to present a large spectrum of major artists.

PRISME intends to offer a greater visibility to its exhibitors whether French or International by choosing every month one or more artists from a different gallery to exhibit.

In 2018, PRISME has already enabled visitors to view the works by artists like Judit Reigl, Bram Van Velde, Sol Lewitt, Degottex; but also those of young talents such as Quentin Derouet, Erin Lawlor, Claire Chesnier and Mara Fortunatovic. 


This “gallery of galleries” is therefore driven by the idea of putting in the spotlight the vision of those who have one.